Anthi Naturals, India


Brand Identity, Packaging



Paving a thick line!

Anthi: is India’s first brand positioned as an Anthi Thinning product which provides innovative and effective solutions to hair problems using plant based extracts.
Having chosen the path of goodness and nurture, Anthi: focuses on deep repair of the hair without any harmful side effects. Made for the millennial consumer who is equally conscious about the impact of consumer products to the environment, the products are honest and consciously list every ingredient that goes in the making of the products.
The logo is a representation of our promise. Just like a regular regimen helps in the thickness of the hair, the typeface width increases gradually yet steadily. Additionally, we have created a super graphic that is an integral part of our brand asset as it works as a constant reminder of the natural ingredients and is always present in the background as
the spirit of our promise.