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Active, confident and free!

Staying active during those days in the month is quite challenging for most women and young girls. From curling up in bed and staying indoors, reducing any physical activity, women usually stress about staining, not to forget the discomforts that come with it. Kotex believes that every girl should have the freedom to go about her daily activities and chores #JustLikeAnyOtherDay and wanted us to partner with them in launching a new entry segment product. With the new logo launched globally, the Kotex brand cues were used cleverly without being too disruptive. After exploring many colour options, we decided to go with black – after all, not only does it make a statement, stand out on the retail shelf, it also defines the bold, modern, Indian woman!

DesignAnswers was involved in developing the packaging for the products while also developing some POSM material, Amazon A+ content and communication for the launch of the brand.