"Canesten Make Your Move" banner featuring a woman jogging outdoors. The banner displays the Canesten logo in the upper left corner, followed by the tagline "Make Your Move" in bold letters.




Social Media Communication Strategy and Management



Dimaag lagao, Rash pe Canesten Lagao!

Canesten India wanted to drive some important awareness in the minds of consumers on the difference between talcum and dusting powder for rashes, itching and other skin issues. Taking forward the brand strategy of provoking people to use their heads, the brand did a hinglish content roll out with the influencers being very important stakeholders to help drive the awareness and getting people to use the right product for a problem. DesignAnswers was brought on board as social media content creators and managers for the brand. By leveraging on influencers, we were able to seed in the awareness of the brand and create some ripples on Instagram.

An image featuring influencer activity for the 'Dimaag Lagao, Rash Pe Canesten Lagao' campaign by Canesten. The image shows influencers sharing their experiences and promoting the use of Canesten to treat rashes, along with the campaign hashtag. The influencers are shown holding Canesten products and smiling towards the camera.
An image showcasing social media creatives for Canesten designed by DesignAnswers, featuring various designs and messaging related to the product. The creatives include bold colors, clear typography, and imagery related to women's health and wellness.