Noto Pops

Client Noto Ice Cream, India Services Brand Identity, Packaging Year 2020 Low Cal Pops! Seriously? No summer is complete without the joy of juicy popsicles that keep you wanting more! Noto Ice Cream approached DesignAnswers to extend their low calorie ice creams into popsicles that are simply too delicious! With flavours that are really a [...]

Reimagine snacking!

Client The HarvestBowl Services Branding, Packaging, Website and Amazon A+ Content Year 2020 Reimagine snacking! When you are looking for an accompaniment with your evening drink or simply a desktop companion that's healthy, The HarvestBowl is your go to snack! Made of rice grains and moong beans and soya, these delicious airy bite sized snacks [...]

The Golden Herbal Company

Client The Golden Herbal Company, Canada Services Brand Design, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Website Design Year 2018 From the foothills of Thailand! As pure as it gets, Masterchef Nirvick Majoomdar from Canada, could not use any other spice other than the ones in Thailand once he got the true taste of these herbs. Powdered using [...]

Waffle Mill

Client Waffle Mill, Mumbai Services Brand Design, Identity Design, Packaging Design Year 2018 Snack or Dessert! Choice is yours. An innovative new concept for the Indian palette, the founders at Waffle Mill came to us with a requirement to package their Waffle Chips with a gourmet feel. The first of it’s kind, these chips are [...]

The Betternut Company

Client The Betternut Company, Ludhiana Services Brand Design, Identity Design, Packaging Design Year 2017-18 Superfoods for delectable snacking! The growing affluence of the middle class population and rising health consciousness among consumers makes dry fruits a very lucrative snacking option even on the go. With the growing demand in the category, the company came to [...]

Wingreens Wingreens Farms

Client Wingreens Farms Services Packaging and Communication Design, Social Media Content Management Year 2016 (till date) Fresh. Healthy. Awesome! Wingreens Farms employs farmers and women from the villages of Haryana in their factories to produce fresh, gourmet dips that are packed with flavours. We made it our task to create a packaging system that reflected [...]


Client Mrs. Bector’s Cremica Ice Cream Services Brand Design, Packaging Design, Retail Design Year 2017-18 Mrs.Bector’s Cremica Ice Cream We all scream Ice Cream! Ice-cream forms an important part of one’s childhood and these memories are etched in your mind at a very early age. With a high emotional quotient attached to it, and a generation [...]

Georgia Dakota

Client Georgia Dakota Services Packaging Design Year 2016 Granolas on the go! Georgia Dakota is an honestly American brand making wholesome, natural, fresh products just the way they were served back in Washington, USA. The brand was founded in a home kitchen and has gained popularity for their granolas. DesignAnswers was brought in as creative [...]