Client WOW Skin Science Services Re-Branding Visual Language Illustration Web Collaterals Year 2022 About Brand WOW Skin Science, a customer-focused personal care brand, uses top-quality natural ingredients, free from harmful additives, sourced from nature and rigorously tested for safety. As consumers become more informed about active ingredients tied to enhanced effectiveness, WOW Skin Science has [...]


Client Canesten Services Social Media Communication Strategy and Management Year 2022 Dimaag lagao, Rash pe Canesten Lagao! Canesten India wanted to drive some important awareness in the minds of consumers on the difference between talcum and dusting powder for rashes, itching and other skin issues. Taking forward the brand strategy of provoking people to use their [...]

Kimberly Clark

Client Kimberly Clark Services Brand Identity, Packaging Design Year 2021 Taking the mundane out of daily needs! Understanding consumer mindset and behaviour during his/her purchase cycle of something as basic as toilet rolls or tissue paper was indeed a very interesting exercise for us at DesignAnswers. As designers, one is often surprised at the insights [...]

Anthi Naturals

Client Anthi Naturals, India Services Brand Identity, Packaging Year 2020 Paving a thick line! Anthi: is India's first brand positioned as an Anthi Thinning product which provides innovative and effective solutions to hair problems using plant based extracts. Having chosen the path of goodness and nurture, Anthi: focuses on deep repair of the hair without [...]

Kotex Freedom

Client Kimberly Clark India Pvt Ltd Services Packaging, POSM, Digital Communication, A+ Content Year 2018 Active, confident and free! Staying active during those days in the month is quite challenging for most women and young girls. From curling up in bed and staying indoors, reducing any physical activity, women usually stress about staining, not to [...]


Client Sanfe, India Services Packaging, Digital Communication, Film, Brand Communication, Social Media Year 2020 A better world for women Most women are less than enthused to have their period, as it usually means cramps, bloating, headaches, and a slew of other discomforts. Sanfe believes in making 'that time of every month' better for women with [...]

Kotex Period or not. She can.

Period or not. She can. Launching the leading product in APAC for Kimberly Clark, India, DesignAnswers was involved in the product go-to-market activities from end-to-end. Built for the modern Indian woman, the she symbol which forms the brandmark, is representative of an active stand that the company takes to ensure she guides everything it does. Always used [...]


Client Kimberley Clark, India Services Digital and Social Media Communication Year 2016 onwards Because we can all do with a Mom’s Hug! From the time of conception till early toddler years, a woman’s immediate surroundings are governed by the well being of her bundle of joy. It is during these periods that brands like Huggies [...]

Oxy for Men

Client Oxy for Men Services Packaging Design Year 2015 Oxy for Men Super Groomed, Super Aware! With the global beauty industry breaking new technological grounds nearly every day, growth is largely driven by product innovation, an expanding middle class and an increasing interest in personal appearance, boosted by endorsements by celebrities and sports stars. Contrary [...]